The Simple Mode controls the image in real-time as seen by the preview window and is generally used to quickly evaluate the camera. Simple mode removes the tabs from the top of Capture OEM; For example Region of Interest, Image Capture and Video Capture tabs will be unavailable. 

How to get Simple Mode?

From the Menu Bar:

Click on "View", and deselect "Advanced Mode" from the drop down menu.

If you close the application at this point, it will reappear in the same fashion. To re-enable advanced mode at any time, select "Advanced Mode" from the View dropdown menu.

The following snapshot demonstrates capture OEM in simple mode.

How do I know which features are available for my camera?

Features are camera dependent.  A feature's availability will be determined only when the camera is connected to the computer at run-time.

For example, if the exposure function is available on the camera, the exposure settings should look like this.

In this case, the limits of the exposure time are 0.05 ms to 3276.64 ms. You can also interact with the slider, text box and Auto button to control exposure. 

If the function is unavailable, it will be greyed out. For example, this camera does not support Saturation or Brightness. So these function windows will be greyed out, and you are unable to adjust the slider or use the text box..

The snapshot below shows the Saturation window that is greyed out.

Note:  All controls will be greyed out if no camera is connected to the computer.

For more information about the features in this window, please see: Basic Controls Tab