This topic describes the elements that are included in the Pixelink Camera Kit, v8.0 and below. For Installation Options for newer Pixelink Software, see: Installation Options for Pixelink Software v9 and Above

There are a number of optional components included in the install. The following shows an example of installer showing all available components. Note that the exact options are subject to change, and your installer may have other components available in addition to those shown below.

Installable Components

  • PixeLINK API – This is the only required component.  It consists of the Pixelink Driver and API.

  • PixeLINK Capture OEM – This is a graphical application that you can use to control your Pixelink cameras and explore all of their features. It is highly recommended that you install this component.

  • Media Cybernetics Image Pro – This will install an interface compatible with the Media Cybernetics’ Image Pro applications.  

  • Flat Field Calibration Wizard – This installs a tool that will allow you to do Flat Field Calibration on your camera.

  • PixeLINK Documentation – This will install the Pixelink Documentation on your computer. The most up-to-date documentation is always available on the Pixelink web site, but you can select this option if you would also like to have a local copy.

  • Gigabit Ethernet Support – This will install special drivers and software tools necessary to use Pixelink GigE cameras. After the install is complete, additional steps are required to fully configure the computer and camera for use. See the Desktop Installation Procedure for more information.