The on-board memory allows the camera to be configured on one computer and used on another without the need for camera configuration files or other configuration data.  

For example, the camera is set up to provide a 640 x 480 image at 88 frames per second with particular exposure, gamma and white balance settings.  These settings are programmed into the camera's non-volatile memory.  The next time the camera is initialized, on any PC, it will default to these settings.

When to Use

Use this feature when:

  • You want to permanently program the camera to have certain parameters.

  • You want to avoid the operators having to program the cameras.  This can be done before hand in a separate programming or calibration area.

How to Use

There are three ways of accessing the on-board memory:

  • Use Pixelink Capture or Capture OEM to edit or save camera settings. The camera will remember the settings until they are changed or overwritten.

  • Write software using our SDK to access the memory channels if programming is frequent or more complex.

  • For FireWire cameras, write software using the lower-level IIDC protocol to access the memory channels if you wish to develop software that is cross-platform or independent of the host software.