Thank you for downloading the Pixelink Software Development Kit! 

If you're already familiar with the Pixelink SDK, you may be interested in What's New in This Release, or What's New in the API, or may want to go directly to the summary of API functions

If you're unfamiliar with Pixelink API and need to get started right away, this 'Launch Pad' is here to help orient you to the key parts of the Pixelink 4.0 API SDK, so that you can start exploring on your own.

Before you start looking at code, have you played around with the camera using Pixelink Capture or Capture OEM? It will provide you with an idea of the camera's capabilities and some of the terminology. After you have done that, come back here.

If you're writing code for a Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) camera, you will be interested in the GigE heartbeat.

Please note: If the camera you're using is a PL-A661, PL-A662, PL-A653, or PL-A654, you are in the wrong place .

Now, what programming language or environment are you using? 


C++ (the normal, 'unmanaged' kind)

.NET (e.g. C#, VB.NET, C++/CLI, Managed C++)

Visual Basic 6