Welcome to Pixelink Capture OEM, a real-time, interactive and easy-to-use application to:

  • operate Pixelink cameras within 5 minutes of installation

  • verify the performance of Pixelink cameras to one another or to a set standard

  • demonstrate the many features associated with Pixelink cameras

  • see how this application relates to the function calls to the Application Programming Interface (API).

Topics Covered

To really take advantage of our Pixelink Capture OEM, please take a moment to quickly review the functionality of this application from the links below.

  • Find out what's new in this release

  • Check out what you can do with this application

  • Learn the basic steps of simple mode to set up and acquire an image

  • Need to go one step deeper, our advanced mode of operation allows for enhance image adjustment and manipulation

  • Go to the quick tips section to get the best image quality.

Note: Regrettably, this application is designed to control Pixelink cameras only.

Source Code

Pixelink Capture OEM was created using the Pixelink Camera API.  Sample code from Pixelink Capture OEM is available to assist developers in creating custom applications.  The source code for Pixelink Capture OEM is provided in Visual C++, bundled in a Microsoft Visual C++ project as part of the Pixelink SDK. A 30 day free trial of the SDK can be downloaded at: http://pixelink.com/support-camera/sdk/

Please contact your local Pixelink product vendor for more information on SDK pricing.


Pixelink Capture OEM is compatible with other Version 4.0 Pixelink camera products.  PL-A660 series cameras are not supported.