Pixelink's PL-D729 camera does not support any Trigger functionality. This camera model supports only camera GPO modes 1 and 2, which is the Normal mode and Pulse mode respectively. An external light source can be controlled with its GPO via Pixelink API in Normal mode. Please follow the steps below to set up the GPO to control external light sources.

Note: This operation is only meant for controlling an external light source with the camera.

Steps to control external light sources:

1) Turn on GPO

2) Select GPO Mode which is GPO Mode 1 or Normal

3) Select the Polarity of the GPO signal. In normal mode you can either turn on the light source which is Positive polarity or turn off the light source which is Negative polarity.

4) Grab a single frame

5) Wait for frame to complete

6) Turn off GPO

Please contact Pixelink support if you have more questions regarding the GPO set up.