This mode is only intended for PL-D and PL-X cameras using SONY image sensors. These camera models can use the Fixed Frame Rate mode in Capture OEM (and Pixelink Capture) to increase frame rate at smaller ROIs.

Pixelink discovered that PL-D cameras using Sony sensors, like the SONY IMX250 and SONY IMX174, did not achieve higher frame rates with height reductions of the Region of Interest. This is why a Special Mode called the Fixed Frame rate mode was added to Capture OEM and Pixelink Capture, to allow you to achieve higher frame rates when ROI height is reduced.

This mode is called Fixed Frame rate mode, as the frame rate is fixed and cannot be adjusted when using this mode. The camera will always output the maximum frame rate at a given ROI.

This mode has been included in our API under Special Camera mode. The Knowledge base article below provides details about Special Camera Mode in our API and how to use it.

Special Camera Mode

How to Set Fixed Frame Rate Mode in Capture OEM?

Please follow the steps below to set Fixed Frame Rate Mode in Capture OEM.

1) Open Capture OEM and navigate to Camera --> Fixed Frame Rate Mode.

2) Once Fixed Frame Rate mode is selected, the Frame Rate settings section will become grayed out and it will always show the maximum frame rate value.

3) You can check the frame rate by turning on Histogram. The histogram will always present the right frame rate value. To turn on Histogram go to View --> Histogram.

If you need more information regarding this topic, please email Pixelink support (