LPCSTR    pInputFileName,
    LPCSTR    pOutputFileName,
    U32       inputFormat,
    U32       outputFormat 



This function converts either an uncompressed PixeLINK data stream file (.pds), or a H264 compressed data stream, into a standard video clip file.

  • pInputFileName is the name of the data stream file to be converted.

  • pOutputFileName is the name of the video clip file that to be created.

  • inputFormat is the format of the video data stream file. Valid encoding format flags.

  • outputFormat is the format of the output video container file. Valid file format flags.

Encoding and file format flag values are defined in the file PixeLINKTypes.h.

If you want a chance to modify the individual frames, specify a callback function with PxLSetCallback, using the callback type CALLBACK_FORMAT_CLIP.