The region of interest (ROI) is the area of the sensor being viewed at any given time. Pixelink Capture offers the ability to choose a preferred ROI from the Live image preview of the camera. Before getting into details, it is important to learn the features that support Region of Interest functionality.  The image below demonstrates the features used in setting ROI.

  • ROI Button: Use this button to change the ROI. Clicking the button  will create an ROI adorner, commit button and cancel button, and display and ROI position and size info on the preview panel.


Note: The ROI button will not be available when Auto Focus ROI (Sharpness Score ROI) is being displayed on the preview. To activate ROI button, you will need to remove the Sharpness score ROI by clicking on Choose Auto Focus Roi button on Auto Focus tab.


  • Commit and Cancel button: The green checkmark represents the commit button and the red cross mark represents the cancel button.

Note: These buttons will only be visible when the ROI button is pressed and the adorner is displayed. 

The commit button sets the new ROI (i.e Region inside the ROI adorner).

The cancel button removes the adorner and brings Preview to previous position.

  • ROI Adorner The adorner is a reference to which part of the image the user wants to select. The adorner will have a size and location on the preview.

  • ROI position and size info This info box provides the location and size of the ROI adorner. The location is mainly displayed as horizontal and vertical co-ordinates with coordinate (0,0) starting at Top, Left corner.

Setting up a new ROI from Live preview

  • Click on the ROI button to start the ROI selection process. As mentioned before, the ROI button will create a ROI adorner, commit button, cancel button and ROI position and size info on the preview panel.

Note: The ROI button will always use full ROI of the camera. The preview will always be in Fill Mode when ROI button is clicked and the user will be seeing the Full ROI of the camera.

  • Set the adorner to select preferred region of interest. The info box at the bottom of the preview panel can be used to see the size and location of the adorner. The newly set ROI will take the size of the adorner. For instance, if the adorner is 1440x1200, then the new ROI size will be 1440x1200. The ROI Size will be updated in the ROI combo box.

Note: Every camera has a step size for the height and width values. Therefore, the adorner will always set the closest width and height values that are supported by the camera.

  • Click on Commit button or Return key on keyboard to set the new ROI.

Cancelling the ROI command

The ROI command can be cancelled at any time by using the Cancel button (shown as a red cross). This will remove the ROI adorner and set the preview to its original setting.

As mentioned before, the ROI button always takes the preview to Fill Mode and to the maximum ROI supported by the camera. When the Cancel button is clicked, the preview returns to its previous ROI size and zoom percentage. The adorner size and location Info box will also disappear from the preview panel.