uScope can be used in Trial mode, to explore the capabilities of the software. To use uScope in Trial mode, first download one of the versions of uScope from Pixelink website at

Next run the installer, and open uScope without a uScope USB dongle attached. To verify that uScope is running in Trial mode, select "Help => About". The serial number field should indicate the word "DEMO".

Please note: uScope must be installed before installing any Pixelink software. If the Pixelink Capture or SDK is already installed, please uninstall this software before installing uScope.

When using uScope in Trial mode, you are unable to control or acquire images from a Pixelink camera as well as load images from any folder except the folders listed below. Instead, a folder of demo images can be found in the Images folder of the uScope installation. To open an image, click "File => Open", and select the location of the Images folder:

The default location for this folder for the 64-bit version of uScope is: C:\Program Files\PixeLINK\Images\

And for the 32-bit version of uScope is: C:\Program Files (x86)\PixeLINK\Images.

With a demo image open, you can test some of the functionality of uScope including measurements (using the manual options shown in the ToolList):

To open and create a Calibration, select "Measure => Calibration => Calibration" from the Toolbar:

And create a new calibration:

Video tutorials on how to use these and other features can be found on the uScope Flash Tutorials page.