The Pixelink Capture Measurement Mode is a user interface mode that is meant to streamline the process of making measurements in Pixelink Capture by removing tabs and features not needed for making measurements. To enter Measurement mode click on Settings -> Preferences to open the Preferences window. Select Measurement Mode and click OK. The application will need to be closed and restarted for the change to take effect.


Measurement mode differs from Standard Mode in that it hides several features of the application to simplify the process of making measurements. The only tabs that appear in this mode are Controls, Capture, Video and Measurement tabs. The layout of the controls tabs will only show Exposure, White Balance and Gain by default. Other camera controls can be accessed by opening the Image Settings and Other Settings drop down menus. The Capture, Video and Measurement tabs remain unchanged. The preview window will also show two additional pieces of information. The magnification value (entered during calibration) is displayed at the top control bar. A scale bar showing the approximate scale of the calibration is shown at the bottom right. The scale bar can be turned off in the Metrology Options drop down menu.