Some FireWire cameras may experience an issue with the default driver installed with Version 10.6 of Pixelink Capture, whereby Pixelink Capture (and Pixelink camera software) may be unable to detect the FireWire camera. 

Version 10.6 of Pixelink Capture, and the Pixelink SDK, also includes a user-installable FireWire driver variant that resolves this issue, and allows FireWire cameras to be detected by Pixelink Capture. However, this driver has not yet completed testing done by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Lab. Therefore, some newer variants of Windows 10 may return an "Error Code 52" for the device/driver.  If you see this error after installing the new driver, a work around is to temporarily disable driver signing enforcement, allowing you to install the driver. 

The new driver can be found in the VeryLatestDriver_MayRequireDisableOfDriverSignatureEnforcement folder, which is by default installed to: 

C:\Program Files (x86)\PixeLINK\Install\FWx64\VeryLatestDriver_MayRequireDisableOfDriverSignatureEnforcement.

Installing The New Driver

The following steps will install the new FireWire driver:

  • Disconnect your camera from the computer, and close any open Pixelink software.

  • Save a copy of the PxLFW64.sys file from the {Windows}\system32\drivers folder, to another location on your system. 

  • Copy the PxLFW64.sys file from the VeryLatestDriver_MayRequireDisableOfDriverSignatureEnforcement folder, to the {Windows}\system32\drivers folder, replacing the existing file.

  • Connect your FireWire camera, and open Device Manager to ensure that the driver has loaded correctly.

How to Temporarily Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

If you see a Code 52 error in Device Manager after installing the new driver, the steps below can be followed to temporarily disable driver signature enforcement. Driver signature enforcement will then be disabled until the next reboot of your computer, allowing you to install the driver. 

  • First, press and hold down the shift key, and click Restart to restart your computer:

  • On the next window, select Troubleshoot:

  • Select Advanced Options:

  • Under Advanced Options, first click on "See More Recovery Options" at the bottom of the window, and then select Startup Settings:

  • The Startup Settings window will display. Click the Restart button to restart your computer.

  • When the computer restarts, the following window will display. Press 7 to temporarily disable driver signature enforcement:

Finally, connect your camera, and open Pixelink Capture.