The Pixelink MATLAB adaptor can be installed either by using the MATLAB Command Window, or the Image Acquisition Toolbox GUI (IMAQ GUI). The following steps demonstrate how to install the Pixelink MATLAB adaptor using the IMAQ GUI.

1. Download the Pixelink MATLAB Adaptor, if it has not been downloaded yet.

2. Extract all files.

3. By reviewing the MATLAB_Versions_Readme.html file, determine which Win folder includes the appropriate pixelinkimaq.dll file for your system.

4. Copy that pixelinkimaq.dll file into the MATLAB imaqadaptors folder, as instructed in the MATLAB_Readme.html file.

Note: This step is recommended but not necessary.

5. Disconnect any connected Pixelink cameras.

6. Run MATLAB and click on Image Acquisition.


7. After opening the Image Acquisition Tool, select Tools => Register a Third-Party Adaptor.


8. Select the pixelinkimaq.dll file from its current location, or from the MATLAB imaqadaptors folder as per step 4, and click on "Open".


9. Plug in the camera.

10. Select Tools => Refresh Image Acquisition Hardware (imaqreset) and click on "Refresh". You will also see a "Refresh Completed" message.


11. Select the camera from the Image Acquisition Toolbox list.


The Matlab adaptor should now be successfully installed. For additional assistance, please contact