Micro-Manager is an open source microscopy application that can be used to control microscopes and associated hardware, including filter wheels, stages, and cameras.

Pixelink PL-D, PL-X, and M series cameras now support Micro-Manager. Starting with Micro-Manager version 2.0.1 ( 21 Feb 2023 ), Pixelink Micro-Manager device adapter has become part of Micro-Manager. Although, you can still download the Micro-Manager device adapter by visiting our page on the Micro-Manager website or follow the link below and install it manually:

Download Pixelink Micro-Manager Device Adapter

Please Note:

This adapter has been tested with Micro-Manager version 2.0.1 ( 21 Feb 2023 ) and Micro-Manager version 2.0.0 ( 13 July 2021 ). We recommend using one of these versions of Micro-Manager, but newer versions have also been reported to work. If you have an older version of Micro-Manager, please update your software.

Pixelink Capture (or the Pixelink SDK) must be installed before using your camera with Micro-Manager, in order to install the drivers for the camera.

The PL-D755MU-POL is not supported by the adapter, due to the camera's polar pixel formats.

Some features of PL-X camera series (such as action commands, PTP, etc.) are not supported by the adapter.

Installing the Device Adapter

Copy and paste "mmgr_dal_Pixelink.dll", downloaded from the link above, into your Micro-Manager install directory. (eg. C:\Program Files\Micro-Manager-2.0 ) 

Ensure that you are using the correct version of "mmgr_dal_Pixelink.dll" for the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Micro-Manager. 

Device Properties

The Device Properties Browser can be used to change camera features including Gain, Pixel Addressing mode (binning or decimation), and Pixel Type (pixel format).  

Values for Exposure or Binning can be changed under Camera settings, on the main window.