The Preferences menu is found under Settings -> Preferences, and can be used to enable or change various UI features. New instances of Pixelink Capture will load with these Preferences.

Pixelink Capture UI Settings

Switch between Standard mode (the default mode for Pixelink Capture) or Measurement mode. Standard mode provides access to all of the controls and features in Pixelink Capture. 

Measurement mode provides a simplified interface, and hides some of the tabs and features that are less commonly used in Metrology applications. 

Pixelink Capture Theme

Switch between Dark Theme (the default theme for Pixelink Capture):

And Light Theme: 

Enable Tooltips

Tooltips provide information about settings and features. To view a tooltip, hover your mouse over a control in Pixelink Capture, and a textbox with more information will appear:

To disable tooltips, uncheck the Enable Tooltips checkbox.