10 GigE (PL-X) cameras support Action Commands, which allow an application to send a trigger command over ethernet to all networked cameras. 

Note: Refer to the PL-D Camera Synchronization Methods article for other camera synchronization methods that can also be used with PL-X cameras.

How to use:

To use action commands in Pixelink Capture, enable trigger on the Triggers/GPIO tab, and select trigger Type: Action, for all connected PL-X cameras.

Action commands are not sent to a specific camera, but are instead multicast to all connected cameras. But only cameras with the associated action enabled will take action on the command, so enable trigger (and GPO, if using a GPO action) for each camera. 

Under Actions, select the Command from the drop down menu, and the delay (if desired). Frame, GPO1 and GPO2 actions are supported:

Frame Action : All PL-X cameras (with action trigger enabled) will return a frame to the host. In Pixelink Capture, received frames will be shown in the preview window.

This provides a way to send a synchronized software trigger to multiple PL-X cameras, without additional wiring required between the cameras.

GPO Actions : The GPO will assert according to each camera's GPO settings. 

Enable GPO1 or GPO2, and set the GPO parameters (mode, polarity, etc) for each camera on the Triggers/GPIO tab. 

After (s) / Delay : The camera will trigger the action after this delay (in seconds). Enter a value of 0 to trigger the action immediately.

Note: PTP (Precision Time Protocol) should be enabled when using Action Commands. This is enabled by default on PL-X cameras.

The action command will query the camera for the current time, and execute the command at current time + delay, for all cameras. Unexpected behaviour may occur if PTP is not enabled, and the camera clocks are not sync'd.


Camera 1 clock: 01:44:18

Camera 2 clock: 01:22:15

A frame action is sent with a 5 second delay, to execute at 01:44:23 on all cameras. The application will receive a frame from Camera 1 after ~5 seconds, and from Camera 2 after ~22 minutes and 8 seconds. 

Press Send to send the action command.