Starting with release 3.2 of the Pixelink Linux SDK, the SDK now includes two versions of the Pixelink API binary; the fully featured variant (used by default), and a reduced footprint / reduced functionality variant known as PxLApiLite. 

PxLApiLite is marginally smaller than the standard API, and requires fewer dependant libraries (when compared to the standard API). As a result, this may be useful for smaller run-time Linux environments that have limited system resources. It also facilitates porting the API over to some Linux distros. For example, PxLApiLite can now easily be installed on a Debian system.

However, the reduction in library dependencies comes at the cost of reduced functionality. Most notably, the API Lite variant does not support image preview or video capture.

The following functions / types are not supported by API Lite:

  • PxLFormatClip

  • PxLFormatClipEx

  • PxLGetClip

  • PxLGetEncodedClip

  • PxLSetPreviewSettings

  • PxLSetPreviewState

  • PxLSetPreviewStateEx


Applications can easily discern the Lite API variant from the standard API variant (at runtime) by examining the return code from the PxLInitialize(Ex) function; the Lite variant will return ApiSuccessApiLiteWarning on successfully initializing a camera.

For instructions on installing PxLApiLite, see the HOW.TO.USE.PxLApiLite.txt file, included in the SDK tar.