This page provides the documentation of the HALCON Pixelink Image Acquisition Interface. With this interface you can acquire images from Pixelink cameras. The HALCON adapter is designed for use with our PL-D cameras. 

Download: Pixelink HALCON Adapter package

Please Note: This adapter has been tested with HALCON version 13.0. We recommend using version 13.0 of HALCON software. If you have a different version of HALCON software and are experiencing issues, we recommend changing your software to version 13.0.


1. Extract the contents of the downloaded file to a temporary folder

2. Under PixelinkHALCONAdapter\Halcon\bin\x64-win64, there will be a file called hAcqPixeLINK.dll

3. Copy and paste hAcqPixeLINK.dll to the following folder of your HALCON software installation: C:\ ... \Halcon\bin\x64-win64

4. Plug your camera in and launch the HALCON software. 

5. To verify the installation was successful, you can try running the pixelink.hdev sample included in the adapter package (see Documentation section below)

Please Note: Pixelink SDK must be installed in order to use your camera with HALCON software. Please make sure you have added PIXELINK_SDK_ROOT%\bin\x64\ (for 64-Bit) to your PATH variable.


To create this path, go to Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Advanced and click on "Environment Variables..."

Click on the Path option, then select Edit

Click New, and then paste: PIXELINK_SDK_ROOT%\bin\x64\

Click OK to close the Path window, then click OK again to close the environment variable window.


The Pixelink HALCON Adapter package includes a documentation page, which can be found under ...\PixelinkHALCONAdapter\Halcon\doc\html\reference\acquisition\hAcqPixeLINK.html. 

The package also includes the following program samples, located under ...PixelinkHALCONAdapter\Halcon\examples\hdevelop\Image\Acquisition:

- pixelink.hdev

- pixelink_2cameras.hdev

- pixelink_parameters.hdev

- pixelink_simple.hdev

- pixelink_simple_triggering.hdev