The Pixelink ROS2 Adapter can be used for controlling Pixelink cameras using ROS2 on Linux platforms. The adapter is designed for use with our PL-D series of cameras. The ROS2 adapter is not supported on Windows platforms. 

Download: Pixelink ROS2 Adapter Package

Please Note: This adapter was tested with the Humble Hawksbill Release of ROS2 on Ubuntu 20.04.


1) Install Pixelink SDK as described in the SDK documentation. Please see Installing the Pixelink SDK on your Linux system

2) Install ROS2 as described on the ROS2 website ->

3) Install Colcon in order to build the Pixelink Ros2 Package ->

3) Create a workspace as described in the above tutorial and place the Pixelink ROS2 package in it. Navigate to the root of the workspace.

4) Run the following command to build the package:

    colcon build --packages-above pixelink_ros2


Setup information and commands can be found in the pixelink_ros2/README.txt file.

Additional Info

The following articles from our knowledge base may be helpful.

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