I own the PL-B953U-BL camera. With the Capture OEM application I am able to export images as 8 bits (JPEG). However I could not find how to export them as 12 bits images.


Bit Depth

The output bit depth is controlled using the PIXEL FORMAT feature.  The output can be selected as MONO8 or MONO16 for a monochrome camera.  For color cameras, RGB24 is a simple example where three colors have 8 bits each.  YUV422, on the other hand, encodes the three colors into sixteen bits. If the pixel format is set to maximize the bit depth, the bit data is padded with zeros in the least significant bits to create 16-bit words.  Hence, compared to the 8-bit formats, the 16-bit formats require twice the bandwidth on the interface and will result in a drop in frame rate for a given ROI.  

  • Open Capture OEM.
  • Click "View" and make sure Advanced Mode is checked.
  • Click the Region of Interest Tab.
  • In the drop down box in the Pixel Format area select "Bayer16" or "Mono16"