The following steps can be used to setup the debugger: 

  • If you have installed Pixelink SDK, the ApiSpy dll can be found in the ApiSpy folder, which by default installs to 

    Pixelink SDK 32-bit

    - C:\Program Files (x86)\PixeLINK\Tools\ApiSpy

    Pixelink SDK 64-bit

    - C:\Program Files\PixeLINK\Tools\ApiSpy

    • Note: If you have received a copy of ApiSpy from Pixelink support, unzip this folder to the desktop, and use this version instead of the one from the ApiSpy folder.
    • If you do not have the SDK installed, and would like to use ApiSpy for troubleshooting, please contact Pixelink Support for assistance.
  • Place a copy of PxLAPI40.dll from the ApiSpy folder, in the same directory as the application executable (.exe)
    • For 64-bit applications, use the ApiSpy dll located in the ApiSpy\x64 folder.
  • Open Dbgview.exe, to capture the output from ApiSpy. 
  • If debug view is not installed on your system, it can be downloaded from Microsoft's website:   

  • To Save to a log file in 'real time', from the DebugView toolbar:
    • Click File | Log to File As...
    • Click Ok 
  • And then keep Dbgview.exe open and run your original application.
  • Or alternatively, click File | Save As, to save all output shown in the DebugView window to a file.

You can then save and view the log file recorded with debug view, or email the log file back to us to view the contents.