In order to set up your Network card when a GigE camera is directly connected, you must manually set the IP address of the NIC card and then the camera.  This is because there is no server to assign an IP address to the NIC card OR the camera.

In order to do this, go to the Start Menu: Settings: Network Connections. Or in Windows 7 and 10, open Settings -> Network and Sharing Center. 

This will show a screen similar to the following:

Select the Connection that applies to the camera and right-click.  Choose “Properties”.  A screen like this one will appear.

From the screen above, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).  Click “Properties”.  The following screen will appear.

Select “Use the following IP Address.

In the IP address field, enter:

In the Subnet mask, enter:

Click OK.

Start the Camera IP Address Tool.  Give the program a few minutes to look for cameras.  You should eventually see the following.

As you can see in the Network Interface Card area, the information should be filled in including the IP Address you entered in the previous step.  Now we need to enter an IP address on the same SUBNET.  (, where xxx can’t equal 1 in this case).

Under IP configuration, enter  Once you click Update, the camera will have a valid IP address and you can start using it with Capture OEM.

If there are still problems, please check the Message window for any errors or warning.